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Enshrined in the law

The position of Inspector General was created by a law of the Québec National Assembly. The Inspector General cannot be removed based on the political will of the municipal administration holding office.


A non-renewable mandate

The Inspector General is appointed for a five (5) year term that cannot be renewed.


Independent Budget

The Bureau de l'Inspecteur Général cannot be subjected to budget cuts that may affect its activities and operations. Montréal’s budget must include a fixed percentage, equivalent to 0.11% of the City’s operating budget, for expenses relating to to the exercise of the functions of the Inspector General. The recurrence of the budget is guaranteed unless the is a reduction in the operating budget of the City.


Appointment by the City Council

The Inpector General is appointed by a two-thirds majority vote of Montréal’s City Council. To destitute or suspend the Inspector General, a two-thirds majority vote of Montréal’s City Council is also required.


Hierarchical Autonomy

Neither Montréal’s mayor nor the city manager has authority over the Inspector General. The Inspector General reports directly to the Montréal City Council. The Bureau de l'Inspecteur Général carries out its work in a fully independent manner. The Bureau de l'Inspecteur Général opens and conducts investigations on his own initiative or in response to information received.



The Inspector General performs the duties of office exclusively and on a full-time basis.