Laws and By-laws

Applicable laws and By-laws in conjunction with the mandate of the Inspector General.

Montréal’s City Charter (Charter of Ville de Montréal) (RLRQ c. C-11.4)

An Act respecting the inspector general of Ville de Montréal

Cities and Town’s Act (RLRQ c. C-19)

An Act respecting contracting by public bodies (RLRQ c. C-65.1)


Montréal’s Paramunicipal Bodies

Section 231.1 of Schedule " C "" of Montréal’s City Charter (RLRQ c. C-11.4)


Montréal’s Subway and Bus Service

An Act Respecting Public Transit Authorities (RLRQ c. S-30.01)


Parking Montréal

Sections 2 and 217 of Schedule " C " of Montréal’s City Charter


Orders in Council rendering applicable chapter V.2 of An Act Respecting Contracting by Public Bodies to certain of Montréal’s and its paramunicipal bodies’ contracts


Montréal’s contract management regulations