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Power to demand information and documents

In the performance of his or her duties, the Inspector General is entitled to examine any book, register or record or obtain any information relevant to his or her mandate from the City, any City officer or employee, any member of a city council or a selection committee, the office of a City mayor or of a designated councillor within the meaning of section 114.5 of the Cities and Towns Act or any staff member of such an office or of a contractor or representative of that person.

Power to inspect

The Inspector General may enter, at any reasonable hour, a building or land to examine any books, registers or records.

The Inspector General may use any computer or material or any other thing found on the premises visited to access data relevant to his or her mandate and contained in an electronic device, computer system or other medium or to inspect, examine, process, copy or print out such data.

He may require the owner or occupant and any other person on the premises visited to provide reasonable assistance.

Power to cancel, rescind and suspend

The Inspector General may cancel any process involving contracting by the City or any related legal person, or rescind or suspend the carrying out of such a contract if the following two conditions are met:

  1. If the Inspector General finds that any of the requirements specified in a call for tenders or contract document has not been met or that the information provided in the contracting process is false; and
  2. If the Inspector General thinks that the seriousness of the breach observed justifies cancellation, rescinding or suspension of the contract.

Note that the City council concerned or, as the case may be, the council having jurisdiction over the mandate of the legal person concerned, may reverse the Inspector General’s decision to cancel a contracting process, rescind a contract, or suspend the carrying out of a contract.