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Office of Inspector General
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Frequently asked questions

Who can lodge a complaint ?

Anyone may communicate information to the Inspector General that he or she feels is relevant to the performance of the Inspector General’s mandate. Without limiting the foregoing, this person can be a citizen, an employee, an elected official, a supplier, etc.

When to report a complaint ?

If you witness or are informed of a wrongful act, such as:

  • Irregularity in the process of awarding or executing contracts;
  • Corruption, malfeasance, collusion, fraud or influence peddling*;
  • Theft, loss or inappropriate use of property of the City**.
  • Loss and inefficiency**;
  • Conflict of interest**;
  • Breach of ethics by an elected official or employee**;
  • Mismanagement or noncompliance with prevailing policies and procedures**.

* The Inspector General has the obligation to report to or notify to the Anti-Corruption Commissioner if he considers that a provision of a federal or provincial law or any regulation made under such a law involving corruption, embezzlement, collusion, fraud or influence peddling, especially in the awarding and execution of contracts, has been violated.

** The municipal administration has entrusted the management of Montréal's ethics hotline to the Office of Inspector General. Any complaints that are not under the Inspector General's jurisdiction will be referred, with the consent of the complainant, to the competent agency.

Required information
  • Description of the wrongful act;
  • Name and description of the individuals involved;
  • Circumstantial elements (date, time, place, etc.) and evidence.

The Inspector General takes all necessary measures to protect the anonymity of persons who have communicated with him.

The Inspector General treats all complaints in a confidential, objective and impartial manner, without consideration to the function, title, seniority or relationship with the City of any party who may be involved in an investigation.

Offence and liability

It is forbidden to take a reprisal against a person who has communicated with the inspector general or to threaten to take a reprisal against a person so that he or she will abstain from communicating with the inspector general.

In particular, the demotion, suspension, termination of employment or transfer of a person or any disciplinary or other measure that adversely affects the employment or working conditions of such a person is presumed to be a reprisal.
Anyone who contravenes is guilty of an offence and is liable to a fine of:

  • $2,000 to $20,000 in the case of a natural person;
  • $10,000 to $250,000 in other cases.

For any subsequent offence, the amounts are doubled.

Complaint process

The information obtained in each complaint is compiled in a confidential event report. The confidential event reported is then analyzed and processed by the Office of Inspector General.


Following an analysis or investigation, the Inspector General may:

  • Cancel a contracting process;
  • Cancel or suspend the execution of the contract in question;
  • Transmit, to the City Council or any other decision making authority of the City, a report stating the findings or recommendations.


The Inspector General can refuse to follow up on a complaint if it considers that:

  • the complaint is not relevant;
  • there is insufficient evidence to support the complaint;
  • the information reported is not credible;
  • the complaint does not fall under the OIG’s mandate or jurisdiction, in which case it will be transferred to the appropriate agency, with the complainant’s permission.