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List of supliers

Ville de Montréal's bylaw on contract management provides for a series of measures to regulate the contractual relationship between the City and its co-contractors. This bylaw includes the keeping of a register of persons ineligible to submit a bid for concluding a contract.

In his reports, the Inspector General may note breaches of the regulations’ provisions in relation to contracting and the carrying out of contracts. At the end of his investigations, he may subsequently recommend that a company be added to the Register of persons excluded pursuant to the bylaw on contract management.

See the list of companies added to the Register by the Executive Committee:

Liste des personnes inadmissibles aux appels d'offres de la Ville de Montréal

Ville de Montréal developed a directive for the evaluation of supplier performance following the execution of a contract. A co-contractor whose performance is deemed insufficient is added to the list of firms with unsatisfactory performance.

See the directive and the list of firms:

Liste des firmes à rendement insatisfaisant