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    Type of denunciator?

    ConfidentialityWill my anonymity be protected?
    The inspector general must take all necessary measures to protect the anonymity of persons who have communicated with him or her.
    We treat all complaints received confidentially, objectively and impartially, without consideration of the function, title, seniority or relationship with the city or by a related legal person, of any party who may be involved in an investigation.

    SecurityAm I protected from reprisals?
    It is forbidden to take a reprisal against a person who has communicated with the inspector general or to threaten to take a reprisal against a person so that he or she will abstain from communicating with the inspector general.
    In particular, the demotion, suspension, termination of employment or transfer of a person or any disciplinary or other measure that adversely affects the employment or working conditions of such a person is presumed to be a reprisal.

    What are your contact details?

    The Office of Inspector General takes every necessary measures to ensure that your anonymity is preserved. Nevertheless, you can choose to file an anonymous denunciation and not disclose your contact information. However, it is easier for us to carry out our investigations if we can contact you to obtain more information.


    Have you also submitted a denunciation to another entity for the same facts?

    If you have already reported the same information to another entity, please identify it and enter the date that it was submitted.


    Your complaint may not fall under the mandate or the jurisdiction of the Office of Inspector General. In this case, do you authorize us to refer your file, including all the information you transmitted to us, to the appropriate agency (examples: Commission de la fonction publique de Montréal, Ombudsman de Montréal, Controller general)

    If necessary, do you authorize the Office of Inspector general to refer this complaint to another agency?

    The Office of Inspector General may refer the information anonymously. However, the organization concerned may need to contact you for more information.

    If your complaint is referred to another agency, do you authorize the Office of Inspector general to provide your name and contact information?

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