2021 Mid-Year Report


In the first six months of 2021, the Office of Inspector General responded to numerous denunciations regarding various tendering processes. The various Ville de Montréal business units acknowledged the alleged breaches and implemented measures, which are presented in the 2021 Mid-Year Report.
In addition, several cases revealed that the rules applicable regarding the drafting of performance specifications were not always fully understood by several public servants and external firms mandated by Ville de Montréal, despite the adoption of Bill 155 in 2018 in this respect. Several pages of the mid-year report cover the legal dimension and the practical application of these concepts. Guidance is provided for those responsible for drafting specifications, in addition to upcoming training in this respect.
Several pages of the mid-year report also cover the investigation of the management of goods and services by the Société de transport de Montréal (STM). The Office of Inspector General reviewed the granting of significant monetary increases in two procurement contracts and one service contract. Due, in particular, to the magnitude of the increases and the fact that they met new needs not part of the original contracts, the contractual amendments were in violation of the Act Respecting Public Transit Authorities and the STM’s by-law on contract management.
The STM has corrected some deficiencies during the investigation and proposed other corrective measures. The Inspector General is recommending that they be included in an action plan and would like to be informed of the implementation.

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2021 Mid-Year Report