2022 Mid-Year Report


A business unit that almost identically reproduces descriptive specifications, when using such specifications is no longer legal; another that declines a potential bidder’s request to visit a future construction site, even though this is a mandatory step for the latter’s bid to be eligible; a call for tenders that requires specific products exclusive to a single supplier, thereby excluding potential bidders...

All those situations have been disclosed to and processed by the Office of Inspector General. The first part of the 2022 Mid-Year Report details said issues and how the implicated business units resolved them. Other denunciations also reported therein were all rectified at the preliminary stage, thereby demonstrating the importance of the Office of Inspector General’s preventive efforts.

The second part of the 2022 Mid-Year Report presents a recommendation report on framework agreements of Ville de Montréal’s urban planning department involving the awarding of contracts to professional service firms. The Inspector General recommends that said department improve its internal practices to broaden the competitive market and allow for documented estimates and rigorous accountability.
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2022 Mid-Year Report